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Marriage coaching

Grow and strengthen your relationship alongside experts who have been helping couples for over 40 years as part of America’s Family Coaches network with Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg.


1. Discovery

We want to get acquainted and learn about you, your family and relationship, and your needs and desires for entering into marriage coaching.

  • Complete the discovery questionnaire, share your goals, sign an agreement laying out the coaching process, and plan the journey. 

2. Assessment 

  • Complete the Rosberg Marital Assessment Profile (RMAP). This is a statistically significant marriage evaluation designed to assess strengths and needs for improvement in 12 areas of your marriage.

3. Journey

  • We are not marriage counselors. We have found real-life results in our marriage by growing together. We are both currently in the process of becoming certified marriage coaches by the ICCI ( as marriage coaches with Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg. Learn more about ICCI.
  • We are on a journey with you to inspire real-life results in your marriage, no matter how short or long your coaching journey with us lasts. 

4. Extension or Celebration

  • In this phase, we reevaluate the progress and accomplishments of goals and either set new goals to continue the Journey or move toward closure or celebration.

What’s your GOALS?

Learn the difference between marriage counseling vs. marriage coaching.


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